Each year more than 800 people are hit by cars in The City. In 2015, 31 people were killed in traffic collisions in San Francisco, including 21 pedestrians and 4 cyclists. The top three causes of fatal collisions were drivers failing to yield to pedestrians (29%), drivers speeding (26%), and drivers running red lights (13%).

Though learning of the bike rules, we hope to raise awareness of the urgent need for motorists to be mindful of bicyclists and pedestrians. We also want to provide information for bicyclists and pedestrians on their legal rights and responsibilities. We all benefit by looking out for each other and sharing the road.

CVC is the California Vehicle Code. The California Vehicle Code contains almost all statutes relating to the operation, ownership and registration of vehicles (including bicycles) in the state of California in the United States. It also contains statutes concerning the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Highway Patrol. 

As a general rule, bicyclists have the same duties and reponsibilities as vehicle drivers. Thus, stop at stop signs and red lights just like all other vehicles (CVC 21200).

Ride in the same direction as traffic. If traveling in the opposite direction of a one way street, walk your bicycle on the sidewalk (CVC 21650).

CVC is the California Vehicle Code.

Bicyclists are not allowed to wear earplugs in both ears or a headset covering both ears. (CVC 27400).

CVC is the California Vehicle Code.

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